Word Town Answers

In our website you will find Word Town Answers, Cheats and Solutions. Everyone wants to be really good at everything. Nowadays having strong communication skills is essential for our self representation. So it is very important to continuously invest and sharpen our skills.  Who would have thought that we can better ourselves and at the same time have fun? Yes it is possible. If you like puzzles, word mysteries, to be catchy and fast than you must try Word Town. This game is created by Hi Studio Limited Games. From Paris, Venice, Maldives, to London will be the amazing landscapes that will take you from one level to another. The game includes more than 500 challenging puzzles and Your goal is to find the hidden words.Once you start, first thing to do is look carefully at the given clue, and start thinking about the possible words related to the clue. Always think of words under the clue! “We can’t live without…”, “Always two” or “it’s white” can be the clues, which vary from simple one to very tricky. We would like to suggest you also Escape Room Mystery Word Answers.

Word Town Daily Puzzle Answers

Word Town Answers


Then you only have to swipe up your finger in all directions, up, down, left and right in order to build the word that matches to the clue. You can also find meaningful words that are not connected to the clue but as you collect them they will help you get extra coins.

Once you search and find all the words by simply swiping and connecting letters from the grid you will be able to move to the next puzzle and discover the astonishing city themes.

Also while playing the game there are always many other options that you can explore. For example in different levels there will be given words with Coin Letters so that you can gain coin rewards! But do not forget that Coin Letter rewards will disappear when you restart the level. At the same time in moments when you feel like the game is getting a little bit too challenging you can use the option “shuffle” to change the position of the given letters so that maybe by looking from another perspective can help you find the words faster. Also you can use the option “Hint” to give you a little push to have an idea where to start looking for the word.

Do not forget to enjoy the game, especially the great views from all over the world. The game becomes more fun and interesting when you play it with your friends. So that you find out who has the skill to make it further? Word Town is not just a game, is also a fun way how to exercise your brain constantly. Thinking fast, connecting the clue with possible words, putting together letters to build valid words, etc. All of these really make you better at your vocabulary, imagination, spelling and many other skills. But most of all it is very entertaining and puts you in a challenge with yourself and brain. So Enjoy and Just Go for it!


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